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The global currency reset (GCR) and (NESARA GESARA) is by the Conner ,these recommended iso 20022 (XRP,XLM,FLR,MATIC,ALGO,LTC,XDC,IOTA,SHX) are backed up by precious metals and they will explode soon and save from the hands of the corrupt government.Quantum Financial system (QFS) gives immunity to the iso 20022 against cyber attacks and bad market fluctuations or manipulations .

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We are particularly interested in securing peace of mind and comfort by providing banking essentials such as online banking to help you move on.

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A great idea is the catalyst, but our services improve cash flow and nurture growth to keep your business moving forward.

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We guide you to make right loan and mortgage choices that are absolutely suiting to you.

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We set standards for sustainable business practices that unleash the talents of our employees, deliver superior value to our customers and provide innovative solutions for the markets and communities we serve.

We take pride in everything we do. We also aim at exceeding our customers expectations and return outstanding value through our wide range of products and services.

Our Mission

We will consistently exceed customer expectation by providing value-adding banking solutions.


We are honest and truthful. This explains our moral obligations as a Bank to our customers, stakeholders and employees.

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QFSGESARA offers a wealth of financial resources, click below to find out more.

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Banking at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

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A relentless partner for your whole financial life.

QFSGESARA is a private bank operating in the United Kingdom. It is a subsidiary of Santander UK. Tracing its history back to a bank founded in Blackburn in 1816, it was independent for 180 years, before being purchased in 1997 by Abbey National.

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