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We offer best-in-class client service and support, plus leading protection measures to ensure your peace of mind.

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Personal Banking

We are particularly interested in securing peace of mind and comfort by providing banking essentials such as online banking to help you move on.

Business Banking

A great idea is the catalyst, but our services improve cash flow and nurture growth to keep your business moving forward.

Loans & Mortgages

We guide you to make right loan and mortgage choices that are absolutely suiting to you.

Our Mission

We will consistently exceed customer expectation by providing value-adding banking solutions.


We are honest and truthful. This explains our moral obligations as a Bank to our customers, stakeholders and employees.

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Get 24/7 chat support with our friendly customer service agents at your service.


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Road Map


QFSGESARA was founded by Fletcher Gibson,an accomplished accountant and financial expert in a shared workspace with a team of five industrious entrepreneurs with common interest.


New features were added to QFSGESARA such as Developed Payment systems,propagation and smart contract features which reached over 330k investors.


Got recoginized internationally, achieved numerious awards as one of the best digital asset management firms in USA,Granted official license from European Union as a digital asset management firm.


Reached out to over 21 counries in the globe and agained over 3 million investors.


Launched payroll and payments products in the US.


Acquired fintech status and Received more nominations at the Hedgeweek European Digital Assets Award. Grew to more than 330 employees.


Introduced a new Referral program and gained over 11.6 million investors


Got more recognitions in asian and European countries. Employed 54 world class experienced digital asset management expertise.

Our future

Stay tuned as our story unfolds...

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